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Sportlomo Registration–

2021 Club Registration Open Soon:

Non-Student: $TBD
Student: $TBD+*

*students include those enrolled in an academic institution (high school, university, college) for 2021-2022 year, and those who graduated in 2021. 


  1. follow the link to register and select Nova Scotia & Valley Rugby Union
  2. Use your account from last year or create an account with SportLomo
  3. Select your category and quantity. If only registering one player, select 1
  4. Follow steps as indicated in the system and complete the necessary forms
  5. Yay! you are registered; You will receive a follow up email with additional information for our COVID-19 response.
  6. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Attestation and Agreement: After registration you must complete the following:

Social Membership

2021 Details coming shortly

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